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Addled is back !

A long time ago, on pre-iPhone mobiles, a little puzzler called 'Addled' appeared, made a little splash and then disappeared again.

Now Addled is back! In a new century on a new device, looking for new fans to confuse and confound!

Spread joy in the Addled Universe by bringing friends together. You  can drag the dodgy denizens of Addled left or right until they meet up and leave for a better party. But be warned, gravity is your enemy. Drag someone off a ledge and they'll fall, and you won't be able to lift them back up again. Careful forward planning is required to get everyone to their buddies.

There are 200 levels of increasingly diabolical puzzles to solve, with not just gravity getting in the way. Teleports and fans move blocks around in sometimes useful, but just as often disastrous ways. This is not for the faint hearted!

Note: Addled does not need the crank so it should be playable on Playdate simulators as well as the real devices.


Some Addled levels are very tough, some of the hardest of these have very few blocks in them. Players in the past, when stuck on these easy looking levels, have assumed that there's a bug in the level and have complained.

All levels are possible, we promise!

Some levels are very very sneakily designed, so if you're stuck on one of these we would advise you to skip it and try again later. 

Are YOU up to the challenge of the most difficult puzzle game on Playdate yet ?


Get this game and 1 more for $3.00 USD
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Hiya, enjoying muchly.

Is this a big or a feature?: I skipped a level, and then competed. It is marked as completed now, but still shows up in the skipped levels list.

I did also crash the whole playdate seemingly by pressing a before the restart-level option was presented, but I've not been able to reproduce that.

Hi gohod,

I couldn't replicate either issue, sorry.  However I'm going to release a new version shortly (v 1.12) which has a 'sync' test on game loading, which should delete any skipped levels from the skipped list if the level has actually been solved.

When the PlayDate crashed on you, was the 'Restart' level option in question the one you get when there's only one left of a certain shape on a level and it gives you the Undo / Restart options dialog?  If so I could have a look and maybe add something to 1.13.

Honestly, couldn't tell you, but thanks for looking into it!

You must let me know if you get your skip token back !

I think when I first completed the level that was stuck in the 'skip list' it had told me I'd got my skip token back (but I don't know if I actually had).

I had two other levels in my skip list, which I managed to solve in a fit of inspiration, and now there is no skip list.

So that's nice.

Hey, I had the version you posted on the devlog months ago but was experiencing a bunch of crashes so I bought this version, hoping it would be more stable but im still experiencing crashes a lot :/ specifically, every time i try to solve level D5 (What Goes Up...) by combining the 3 skull blocks, the game immediately crashes. Hopefully this can be fixed soon!

Hi alyak, I can't replicate this, sorry. Does it crash literally every time?  Could you grab a screenshot just before making the move that causes the crash?  Maybe I'm solving it a different way from you.

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yes. every time :( ill try to get a screen capture, hang on

edit: lol, of course trying to replicate it i solved it a different way and it didnt crash.. let me see if i can remember how i was solving it before lmao

ok, i dont remember if this is exactly what i was doing but this causes a crash. i've had a couple of similar crashes in other levels when combining 3 blocks, usually involving gravity/fans

In the situation below the three skulls wouldn't match. As the fan is still blowing on the bottom right skull when you take the top skull away the bottom right skull would be rising as the middle skull is falling, meaning the middle and right skull should match before the middle one can fall far enough to reach the leftmost one.

What should happen is the two skulls should match and the remaining one on the left should start flashing and show a message letting you know the level is now unsolvable. I'll test some scenarios including the one shown and see if it crashes for me.

Had a good look and yes, you've caught a bug there. I'll release a new version to fix it (v 1.11 coming soon!).

nice catch alyak :-)

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This game is *exactly* what I wanted the Playdate for, but I get a hard crash needing a full device reset every 2 or 3 stages. It's always as the game attempts to load the level complete screen - doesn't seem to be tied to a particular stage, but in clearing the first 6 or 7 levels on the first ship I've experience the same crash 3 or 4 times. A memory leak I guess?

After update to v1.9, I'm still getting the same crashes. Level 1-8 has crashed consistently now 4 or 5 times in a row - not able to pass it at all. It's now producing this screen error too, which wasn't happening on v1.8.

Hi Chas,

yes that's definitely a memory leak.  I'm having trouble chasing it down. As a quick fix I've released a version 1.10 of the game, which uses less resources in the 'Success' screen. I'm hoping it'll crash less for you now.


After installing 1.10, I've just played the first ten stages on a fresh profile and not had a single crash. Obviously, I can't say yet if there will be any problems further down the line as levels become more complex, but you definitely seem to be targeting the right areas for optimisation!

As I said initially - this is a really great puzzle game, and exactly what I wanted this device for. Little quirky, pick up and play experiences. Addled is currently tied with Bloom for me in as the best games I've played on the machine. Both totally different, but both showcasing something of what a pocket sized machine with a 1-bit display can do.

I received a Steam Deck a week prior to the Playdate (lucky me!), and it's been such a joy jumping between the two - chalk and cheese devices really, but both handhelds that serve very specific niches. Addled is a beautiful example of something that works with the limitations and form factor of the machine - if the Steam Deck's real achievement is that it's an everything machine, it's Playdate's specificity that gets me really excited. No, it doesn't play any old game. No you can't stuff it with emulators and ROMs. But you can pick up a cerebral puzzler like Addled that you can't play anywhere else, and enjoy it whilst sat at the beach in blazing sunlight.

Super excited to play more. Thanks for being such an attentive developer! I'll let you know if I come across any other issues.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks Chas, I hope you see far fewer crashes now. The real test will be when you're not playing levels you've already solved (doing lots of undos, etc).

Yes I personally love developing for a device with limited resources, you need to think a little more outside the box. I love how small and simple Addled levels can be and it still can be hugely challenging to solve.

Let me know if it starts crashing on you again.



If you go into the game and then back out with the be button all the way you get a crash. Or at least I do. Using the latest firmware. 

Thanks Majestic, that's a definite bug. Will be fixed in next release.

No problem. 👍

This bug is fixed in version 1.9.

...how hard is this game? I want to get it but the description is making me worried I'll be frustrated. (I realize this is a difficult question to answer!)

There are 200 levels, most of which are not too tough to finish. The final levels are hard, so difficult I've had issues where people have claimed that they are impossible to solve before, hence my warnings. But you also get the option to skip 10 levels and you can get to one of the game's endings by finishing 80 levels (as the zones branch into multiple paths after the first tutorial zone). 

I'd say that the average player will be able to get to at least one of the four game endings, but it would take a real masochist to solve all 200 levels.

LOVE IT! I keep coming back to it.

Thanks Ron!

Glad you like it!

You must let me know if you get through to one of the 4 endings, I'd love to know someone's opinion of the difficulty etc after a full playthrough. 

i will - although i still have a way to go!

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Hi, sorry. Long comment. Minor issues and how this game's pretty rad.

1. Crash before starting level A-16.

-I think it crashed after the menu selection and before the animation with the ship plays.

-I was forced to reset the playdate using the reset switch.

-I'm running version 1.7

-I had been playing the game for the first time until then. The level works fine now that I start the game again and select it.

-I was given a "you need to restart your playdate. Hit A for [something]. Hit B for [something]", but before I could read it, it had switched to this error screen:

game.lua:1515 attempt to index a nil value
        (upvalue 'aBtn')
stack traceback:
    game.lua:1515: in function 'killClearedAbtn'
    CoreLibs/timer.lua:292: in local
    CoreLibs/time.lua:334: in field 'updateTimers'
    game.lua:260: in function 'gameUpdate'

2. Issues with the teleporters "matching" single blocks. This issue is resolved if you hit undo and try again. I can't reliably replicate these glitches, but I think it has happened a few times (90% sure it's not me misunderstanding game mechanics. maybe 85%.)

3. Issues with text being stuck on screen when asked to restart a level (I think after a fail state). And, not a glitch, but I don't like that it replays the level name animation over when I undo to the beginning of a level. I just want to spam B to get to the beginning state of a level.

4. When I select a world that I haven't unlocked, it plays the animation of the cross-hair in a way that seems awkward and confusing.

5. I very much enjoy the game. Besides the crash, it runs and looks great! I feel that I am able to make these nitpicks because the rest of the package is so appealing and fun. The puzzles are pretty clever so far and I definitely want to try to clear all 200. The menus are extremely cool.

Thanks for reading my comment. Be well.

Hi Hipster,

thanks for the bug report and positive feedback, there aren't many gaming communities out there where you would get both!

Other people are seeing the random glitches you are seeing too, so it's definitely not you mistaking the game mechanics. I was hoping 1.7 would clear most of them up, but ah well, I guess 1.8 is coming along soon then :-)

Glad you're enjoying it. The game doesn't get really hard until after Zone C, hope you still enjoy it then :-D

I was able to enter my initials and get to the second level without any crashes. Thanks!

Sorry about this. I couldn't replicate so I've greatly reduced the resources used on the 'Cleared Level' screen. You should be able to download the latest update now.

Crashes when trying to enter initials at the very beginning. I was finally able to get in and play the first level. The game crashed as soon as I beat the level.